Lahm : Germany will come stronger


Bayern Munich legend Philip Lahm insists that Germany will come back even stronger after their disappointing campaign in this World Cup.

Lahm will return to football’s biggest stage, as he brings the World Cup trophy to Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium just before the big final between France and Croatia.

“I am passing on the pride that German football has felt for the past four years,” Lahm told

“It will be a wistful moment for both us and Germany and an incentive to win the trophy back. I’m presenting the trophy on behalf of the German national team, We will hand over that pride to the winners.”

“Bringing together and building a team that can become European and world champions is an ongoing process and a minor miracle.”

“While what we saw from Germany was by no means a work of art, I’m sure that they have the power to come back stronger and develop a new generation who can live up to Gary Lineker’s famous assertion that –

“Football is a simple game. Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end the Germans win.”

“The World Cup Final? There’s no way I’m picking a favourite. Of course, I can very well imagine Hugo Lloris and what it would mean for France and above all the players to follow in Deschamps’ and Zidane’s footsteps. The same is true for Luka Modric and Croatia, who are in a World Cup Final for the first time in their history.”

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