Guardiola not interested in Barcelona return

Fc Barcelona

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola insists he has no interest in returning to the Barca bench and denies Yaya Toure’s ‘Racist’ comments.

“My time there as a Coach is finished because I’m not the same Coach as I was then, nor is the way they see me the same,” he told TV3.

“I had a time of my life there, when the world was our oyster, with some incredible players, a young and uncomplicated President, Txiki [Begiristain] and the best player in the world [Messi]. The stars aligned.

“President? No, I’m a Coach and I’m good at what I do. You can’t be everything. When it’s over, you’ll find me playing golf.

“We followed the legacy that Johan [Cruyff] had left us. He, along with Charly [Rexach], conveyed a few [of those football values] to us, and [Barca] should keep following them.

“Toure said I’m racist? It’s a lie and he knows it. We were together for two years and only now is he saying it. He never told me that on my face.”

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