Leonardo Bonucci insists relations are good with Allegri and gives his verdict on CR7


Leonardo Bonucci was officially presented to the media today, after he rejoined Juventus from AC Milan just after one-year with the Rossoneri.

The defender talked about his relations with Max Allegri and the impact of Cristiano Ronaldo in the Champions League. Here’s the summary of Bonucci’s Press Conference –


# No Issues With Max Allegri –

There are discussions that happen in the course of a football season. We saw each other more than once over the last year, both on and off the pitch. There was a way to clear things up, our relationship is really good and as intelligent people we embraced, as happened on many occasions. In London for the Top 11 awards I met the Coach and I dedicated that award to him, because I think I think I improved in my management of the game over the years we were together, and that was thanks to Allegri. These things happen, we look forward.


# Relation With Juventus Fans –

At the end of a game I always go to thank my fans. My decision last year, which was a very emotional one, was a decision I took because I didn’t feel at ease. I knew that I wouldn’t be myself while feeling those emotions, so I decided to change. That change could have given me something more, but in the end it wasn’t so. When you leave your family, the house you’re in every day it’s hard. I took a step back and despite having other offers my choice was to return to Juventus. I accept the whistles from the fans. When they come from my opponents they fire me up, when they come from my fans it’ll be up to me to turn those whistles into applause. My answer will come on the pitch because I’m a professional. If I got an offer to leave Juventus again today I wouldn’t even think about it.


#  Impact Of Cristiano Ronaldo –

Going by previous years, with Ronaldo on our side at least if we play Real Madrid we don’t start 1-0 down! Training with Ronaldo is a motivation for everyone, he doesn’t slack on anything, he’s always focused and and he allows us to raise the level for Juventus and the squad we have. I’m pleased to be back and enthusiastic about starting this new path with the goal of improving on the pitch, because I’ll be training with the best players. The time I spent away gave me something on a human level, but it took something away from me in terms of victories.

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